I’m Back!!

My last post was in 2014!! That is just crazy how time flies. Last time I wrote I was trying to hang on to changes in my life and couldn't seem to make blogging fit in. Now, I seem to have less time but blogging seems more important now than ever. A bit of an update. My girls are now 10 and 5! Whoa. Kind of nuts really. I am a few months away from getting my Bachelors of Social Work and moving on from that to get my Masters of Social Work but somehow in that process I started a photography business. Yep, I never thought that was going to happen but it did and I love it! My Photography page is RebeccaLassiterPhotography.com I have found that I have a case of photography ADD - Everything I look at could be captured in an image. As I drive, I ... [read more]

Wintertime Blues

Summer is gone. Yes, it has been a few weeks but it is officially cold and getting dark a lot earlier. I am not a huge outdoorsy girl but I do enjoy being able to see the sunlight and go for walks with my girls in the evening, with temperatures in the mid 70's. Luckily, I have learned that I need warmth and sunlight in my life or I suffer from seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I am not ashamed to have this condition in my life, instead I am happy to know what is going on. For me, I get really emotional over a lot of different random things during this time, even a Christmas commercial gets my waterworks going. I would rather know what is going on than suffer for the next several months until summer comes back next ... [read more]

Back in the Saddle Again

It has been months since my last post and even after I updated my blog and paid to have it moved to WordPress I have not had time to sit down with my laptop and spend time writing. So much has been going on with my family and I and being a single mom of two growing girls along with being a full-time college student I feel like my time is flying by so quickly.   My goal for this post and my blog is to get it up and running again. Sharing the tips and meal ideas for losing weight, staying motivated on weight loss and life goals and different quirky stories about my kids and parenting advice that I took that worked or maybe didn't. Who knows, maybe I can get back into some review and giveaway ... [read more]

Start Feeling, Being and Looking Healthier and More Youthful with Arbonne!

This semester has really taken a toll on me. Being a single mom who is a full time college student can be stressful as many of you may know. I am at the end of my community college tour and am about to go into my 4 year college program. I am excited and nervous all in one. Luckily, my support system allows me to take time to myself to attain my goals. Health and wellness is hugely important to me. I have lost over 100 pounds and am feeling more alive than ever, even being so tired and exhausted from my 24/7 jobs.At age 32, I feel and look better than ever!If you have not heard of Arbonne, I am so excited to share with you my love for their products. I used to use them years ago, but due to the unhealthy relationship I was in, I stopped ... [read more]

CampusBookRentals.Com Is A Must For All College Students!

As many of you may know, I am in college finishing up my basic classes before getting into a university to get my degree in social working to be a counselor. I am always looking for ways to save money on this journey as being a college student and single mom is pretty rough. I am so glad I have stumbled upon CampusBookRentals.Com so I can save a ton of money on my books each semester.Some perks are:-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices-free shipping both ways-can highlight in the textbooks-flexible renting periods-they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rentedIf you are or have been book shopping you will know immediately that getting free shipping on your books is a huge deal and not a common benefit when ordering or renting books ... [read more]

New Years Resolutions for 2014 – Vision Board –

I generally post my Vision Board up before New Years Eve but I am a little late in posting and that is okay, as long as I get one up. Last year a couple of the things on my 2013 Vision Board came to fruition so I am a believer. After some really scary recent news of my best friends health I will start with the health of my friends and family. I want my 2014 to be full of healthy living.I want to drop and keep off an addition 20 pounds. I want to tone up my arms, legs and abs.I want to pass my spring and summer semester at the community college keeping at least a 3.0 GPA.I want to start my 1st year at the University of my choosing in fall of 2014 and keep my GPA up.I want to start going to yoga classes and meditation classes.Through my ... [read more]

Online Shopping Cart

Developing a successful online commercial operation does not always require expertise in website programming and internet marketing techniques. Business owners simply need to find the right services that can provide the perfect eCommerce solutions for any niche market. There are plenty of website templates available for eCommerce applications. The basic design of such a template includes a directory feature that can list all of the products. Users can click on each product to find out more information and get closer views by zooming in on pictures. The left side bar of any online store usually features sections that are broken down by specific categories such as brands, sizes and prices. Another important feature of any online ... [read more]

Warning!! do Not read this if you are going through shopaholics anonymous.

A few months back my sister told me about some great deals she found at a garage sale. She bought gently used Nike's for her then 15 month old son for roughly $5. Being a single mother of two girls I was totally amused by her thrifty shopping and felt that it was something unique to her city, which is 1.5 hours away from me. After asking her to keep her eyes peeled at deals for my girls, she told me that all I needed to do was search my city name and then the words: Garage Sale, Swap N Shop, and Sales on Facebook and I would come across the same kind of deals. I got on my phone immediately and found 5 different Facebook groups within 2 minutes and was browsing the sales instantly. In just five months I have bought and sold enough to ... [read more]

Little Mermaid Blu-ray Combo Pack GIVEAWAY!

Little Mermaid is one of the movies as a child that I would watch over and over. I feel it is a staple Disney movie must have. I am thrilled they released this in Blu-ray so I can update my collection and share the joy of Little Mermaid with my girls. The music is my favorite and I enjoy singing along with it still.As a celebration of this grand release, I am excited to say that I have been given an opportunity to give my readers a chance to win their very own copy.a Rafflecopter giveawayRediscover the Film That Gave Voice to a Whole GenerationDisney’s “The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition”Splashes Its Ways Into Homes For The Very First Time In Blu-ray™ Hi-Def With New Breathtaking Picture and Sound RestorationFilm ... [read more]

Stanley Tool Set Giveaway!

How Exciting!! Perfect for any household! Stanley Tool Set Giveaway from Premiere Works! Win a free 65 piece Stanley Homeowner’s tool set from Premiere Works by entering the giveaway below. If you are not viewing this giveaway on PremiereWorks.com, go to http://www.premiereworks.com/blog/stanley-tool-set-giveaway to enter. Good luck!a Rafflecopter giveawayGiveaway brought to you by Premiere Works. Visit the giveaway page here.a Rafflecopter giveaway Giveaway Brought To You By Premiere Works. Visit The Giveaway Page Here. ... [read more]