Mr. Biggs in the City: Childrens Book Review & Giveaway!

We read to our girls each night, so getting an opportunity to review Mr. Biggs in the City was perfect for my family. My first thought about this book is that the artistry is eye catching, my girls were drawn to it right away. My five year old said “Mommy, can you read me my new book now??” ..  I was driving. Needless to say, we read it as our bedtime story and my girls loved it. Mr. Biggs is a Sasquatch or Big Foot who lives in the forest, after seeing the city he thought it looked like fun. Mr. Biggs visits the city and tries riding a bike, a roller coaster, he tries skateboarding and even acting like a police officer but doesn’t have fun. After trying out several different things he thought he would never have fun in the city, until a group of children run to him and play with him. Alas, Mr. Biggs has fun in the city. The end of the book announces Mr. Biggs next adventure is at the circus. My 5 year old told me that Mr. Biggs will definitely have fun at the circus.

My review:
Great story, easy to read, great characters and a must for any at home book collection. 
Thank You Kevin Bloomfield for this opportunity and for the signed copy of Mr. Biggs in the City! We look forward to reading Mr. Biggs at the Circus!
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