AppleCheeks Review & Giveaway: Thanks to Precious Bottom Diaper Service and Baby Boutique

I had some really adorable images of my little girl on here with her Apple Cheeks diaper, but due to some questionable search results I had to remove them. I love this diaper and I recommend it to all moms with of age babys. 
I have heard so much about AppleCheeks, I knew I had to get my hands on one. Luckily Precious Bottoms Diaper Service and Baby Boutique carries AppleCheeks as well as many other awesome brands and Rachelle was thrilled to let me do a review AND giveaway for one. Yay for all of us! :)

When I received this diaper I was not too impressed, it doesn’t look like much, then I put it on my baby. The fit of AppleCheeks Diapers is perfect on my little girl. No gaping in the belly, back or legs area. The insert is a flat insert made from the rayon of bamboo and holds a ton of urine. I have left this diaper on my baby a bit longer than I planned on and have even put her down for naps in it and not 1 leak, not even wetness around her legs. 
With the liner being 2 layers of bamboo a simple trifold gives 6 layers of absorption
I can assure you that I wash this diaper every night so I can have it clean in the morning. It has a unique pocket in the center of the diaper allowing for super easy stuffing and even better, you don’t have to remove the liner before washing because it agitates out in the washing machine. I love not having to un stuff soiled diapers.

At 24 pounds my little girl is on the smallest setting, and the way the buttons are placed on the diaper, it allows for a snug fit around her belly and legs.

 see how trim it is?

I definitely want to get another AppleCheeks diaper for my stash!
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  1. You can customize your diaper service! “Pick an amount of diapers you think you will use in a week (adjustments may be made).”

    Vashti M

  2. I learned they have a Diaper Service in California with a free 2 week trial offer.

  3. she carries bottombumpers diapers…love!

    debnmike moretti

    dmoretti1967 at yahoo dot com

  4. They have Bambino Mio. I am very curious about those.

    Christine M Tubbytelly

  5. I learned that Jessica is a herbalist and makes some nursing tea I must try now!

  6. They have a coupon page! Great for deals!

  7. I like the cute clothes, the priceless shirt, is well priceless

  8. They carry Bottombumpers! (which I have never tried, but hear raves about)
    Dagmar B.
    sirentattoo at

  9. A carry potty. I am in love.

  10. They carry bottombumpers.. I got mine from there!

  11. Cool! They are a diaper service for Central California & San Diego! Why can’t we have something like that way down here in Texas?!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  12. awesome cloth diaper service i wish they did the Inland Empire that would be nice
    Bonnie Rodriguez

  13. I learned that they carry baby legs

  14. She carries Morgan botanicals

  15. I discovered they carry Inspired by Finn! Love their amber necklaces!

  16. I seen hat she carries amber :)

  17. I learned they also carry Rockin’ Green

  18. I like that they carry Inspired By Finn teething necklaces!


  19. I will have to look into that nursing tea that i saw mentioned!

  20. I love that Jessica is a herbalist and makes some teddy bear tea and nursing tea. My daughter loves teddy bear tea.

  21. Alex Liz Robinson is Rafflecopter name.

    They have a diaper service in california and they offer a 2 week free trial.

    arobinson45 (at)

  22. I learned that they have a coupon page on their site!


  23. i love the my carry potty! My 2 year old needs that.

  24. Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter diaper

  25. I learned that they have great coupons and I would love to try the Kawaii Heavy Wetter.

  26. i love that they carry Rockin’ Green – my fav soap!

    As an FYI… the Applecheeks insert is 2 layers, so when it is trifolded it provides 6 layers of absorbancy :)

  27. I like that they have almost everything I use to cloth diaper and more

    anjellfire at gmail dot com
    Brooke Schwaderer

  28. They have a diaper service in Encinitas, that’s fantastic! I’ll have to recommend to my pregnant friends in the area! :)

  29. I learned that they offer Kawaii diapers.

  30. they have teddy bear tea, that is so cool, i had never heard of it before!

  31. She carries Rockin’ Green – one of my favorites!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  32. love the thirsties covers!

  33. She also carries Inspired by Finn Baltic Amber, I’ve always wanted to try one of those! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  34. I learned that they offer Kawaii diapers.

  35. They offer a diaper laundering service for prefolds!! It sounds pretty nice! Though I hate the thought of prefolds, I’m so spoiled with AI2s and pockets!

  36. I learned that she carries Bottombumpers diaper….love them!

    Carolyn H
    graceink at yahoo dot com

  37. learned that she carries happy tushies diaper pail liners – a pail liner with a zipper that doesn’t break the bank!
    mary michaud

  38. They carry Rockin Green detergent

  39. They carry my favorite diaper covers! Thirsties! :-)

  40. She carries Inspired By Finn teething necklaces

  41. They have a product that I had never seen before…My Potty Carrier. What an ingenious idea! Love it! (I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe ha!)

  42. I learned that if you spend $25 you get a free pair of BabyLegs – I think the Kalidescope ones are so cute!!!

    Jodi J

  43. I learned that she carries Inspired by Finn amber necklaces

  44. I learned that she carries Inspired by Finn necklaces – I’ve heard great things about them.

  45. I learned that they carried thirsties diaper covers.

  46. They have two locations!

  47. They carry Bottom bumpers which they say are trimmer than most cloth diapers? Interesting.

  48. I learned they carry rockin green

  49. They have Rockin Green

  50. they have a free 2 wweek trial

  51. She carries BottomBumpers.

  52. They carry Morgan Botanicals which sound great and I’d love to try

  53. I learned that they started as a diaper service business and then expanded.

  54. She carries Baltic amber!

  55. I like the ‘carry potty’ looks interesting

  56. She had ‘My Carry Potty’ they look awesome, I would love to try one with my next potty-learner.

  57. I’d love to try the Carry Potty! What a great idea!

  58. I absolutely love Bottombumpers! Glad to learn they carry them!
    rasmith0506 at gmail dot com

  59. I love that they have a coupon page – very handy!

  60. I learned they carry baby legs.

    jsapalio at yahoo dot com

  61. I learned they have “my carry potty”. That is such a smart product!

  62. They carry some awesome products! I had never heard of my carry potty! Great idea!

    elannbe at gmail

  63. Morgan Botanicals Sweet Cheeks

    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  64. They have the My Carry Potty, I might need to get one of those for my son, he will only use a little potty.

    (rachel n on raffelcopter)

  65. They carry Red Snapper clothing, a really cute brand. (Love the Priceless bar code tee.)

  66. They offer a diaper service in San Diego – what a great idea!

  67. she sells the “my carry potty” a mobile potty. NEAT-O!

  68. I learned that they carry bummis covers!

  69. I learned that they carry Inspired by Finn amber teething necklaces.

  70. They carry inspired by Finn!

  71. I learned that they carry My Carry Potty .

    ziggy28028 at yahoo dot com

  72. i would like to try the good night heavy kawaii diaper

  73. Areas they service: Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Mojave, California City, Edward’s Airforce Base, Lancaster, Quartz Hill and Palmdale.

  74. I learned they carry rockin green

  75. I love that they carry products from Morgan Botanicals (locally grown herbs for their products) and have an awesome selection of herbal teas!

  76. I learned that she carries My Carry Potty… that could be very useful!

    a_stro at yahoo dot com

  77. Custom diaper service – pick your number of diapers!

  78. I learned that this store carries lots of locally made, organic botanical products including teas for pregnancy and nursing (something I have been researching a lot lately!).

  79. They also sell babylegs :)

    cmcosman at

  80. I learned about the My Carry Potty – I’ve not seen those before, but they seem like a great idea.

  81. I learned they have a Diaper Service in California with a free 2 week trial offer

  82. you can get the kawaii heavy wetters! I’ve always wanted one of those

  83. I learned that they have a diaper service in Central California [Service Area: Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Mojave, California City, Edward’s Airforce Base, Lancaster, Quartz Hill and Palmdale] and that you get to pick the diapers you want.


  84. I learned they carry Morgan Botanicals!

  85. they carry my favorite rock n green detergent!

  86. They serve the Bakersfield area, and have a free 2 week trial!

  87. OHHmy They service my area!!!!!!!!!! Antelope Valley-Palmdale,Quartz Hill, Lancaster….wooohooo going to check them out!!!!!!

  88. love that she has the Kawaii cloth diapers! I think these are a great diaper for a great price!

  89. I would like to try the Bottombumpers she has!
    sabrina radke
    sradke1024 at gmial dot com

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  91. Love that she carries Inspired by Finn!

  92. I visited Precious Bottoms and learned she carries Thirsties Duo Wraps and Duo Diapers

    katiekstewart at gmail dot com

  93. They carry Rockin Green which I love!

  94. PBDS stocks the My Carry Potty! That is so cool, I didn’t know they made those!

  95. They carry Inspired by Finn Amber Necklaces.
    Kimberlie T.

  96. I had no idea they had Queasy Morning Tummy Tea! That’s great!!


  97. I learned they carry much more than just diapers! Cute things!!

  98. I would love to live in an area that has a diaper service, Although I am not sure san deigo would be the place of choice!! I really like that she has multiple options for how many weekly diapers you recieve and that there is a multiple baby discount!!

  99. I learned that as well as cloth diapers they also carry BabyLegs!

  100. she carries Rockin Green Diaper Detergent, my favorite stuff!

  101. She carries many different types of tea.

  102. She carries BottomBumpers

  103. They have coupons! Who doesnt love that?

  104. I learned that they sell cute swimsuits.

  105. she carries bottombumpers :)

  106. they have a Precious Bottoms Diaper Service of Central California and they’re service area is really close to where i live

  107. I like the Inspired By Finn amber necklaces.

  108. I learned they do a diaper service in CA. They also carry BottomBumpers (which rock).

  109. I learned they have a my carry potty that doesn’t leak and is odor proof for on the go. That it pretty neat for potty training!

  110. I learned that the carry the Carry Potty. Looks very useful for a family on the go!

  111. They have a “My Carry Potty” – very cool, I will have to remember that when DD is PLing! ~Nicole Roman

  112. i learned they don’t just sell cloth diapers/cd products but also baby legs! I LOVE baby legs- they are so trendy right now!!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  113. I like the newborn sized baby legs that they sell! Great for my long skinny guy who is growing too tall for all his pants already!

  114. I learned that they offer discounts for paying in advance, and when your friend becomes a customer you get 2 weeks of free diaper service!

  115. They carry Planet Wise wet bags

  116. I love all the babylegs choices!
    -Sharon M