To Pinterest OR NOT to Pinterest? That is the Question

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Before Thanksgiving, the word Pinterest was foreign to me.  I felt so out of the loop when my sister said to me “Do you Pinterest?” I was like, “do I do what?” She sat looking at her phone for quite a while when my Aunt and Cousin joined the conversation. Quickly I heard, laughing and ooh’s and ahhhs. I did not want to even get started on something new. They were all talking about how addicting it is and how they have a hard time putting it down. So, after my ban against checking it out I saw other people posting on Facebook that Pinterest had them sucked in. Needless to say, I asked for an invite and was quickly aware of what all the chatter was about. If I can sum up Pinterest for you, it is a collection of images that can vary from everything you can think of including crafts, recipes, makeup, household goods, pretty pictures, cute animals and babies, random ideas, humor, sexy men and woman <– nothing explicit… anything and everything on the web can be pinned and repinned. When you pin something the people following you can see what you thought was interesting. You can make categories called Boards and name them whatever you want and pin anything you want on them.

Below is an image of my boards
It is super easy to pin a new image from any site on the web that you visit. You like a pair of shoes? pin it. 
In the top right corner of Pinterest is the “Add” tab, you can click the Pin it, it asks for for the web link to that site and you pin it to whatever board you want too. After the image is pinned it goes out into Pinterest land for others to come across, if they like it, they repin it to go back to the top of Pinterest for others to see…. make sense? You can limit what you see to only be what the people you follow pinned or you can click on different subjects or themes and get a more select group of pins.

I have found so many different recipes and crafts through this thing in the short time that I have been on it. I have even come across different products or ideas that can help me out in my everyday life that I may never have come across before.

Great thing is, by pinning it I can easily find it and recreate it myself!

Are you a Pinterest addict? Need an invite?



  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I joined Pinterest recently but I still have a lot to learn about it. At last I learnt how to pin something from it on my Blog and my latest post is from there. There are really wonderful things there. Take care and have a great 2012.

  2. I do love pintrest but I think it’s one of those things that will have to be used in moderation in my life. I could spend all day there~

  3. YES YES YES to pinterest! I love that site, so many ideas so little time:)

  4. I love Pinterest to keep ideas organized and share ideas with friends. (It’s very appealing for those who have, like me, lost all their previous bookmarks in a computer death–public bookmarks with notes!)

  5. I am still new to Pinterest (wvgirl82 or Tara Sutton) and still trying to figure it out. I have found a couple of great looking recipes that I’d love to try though!

  6. Definitely “to pinterest.” I didn’t really start using it until I started seeing it pop up in my site traffic stats and I wanted to thank the people for pinning my stuff. Now, I return the favor and love hopping through all sorts of goodies. I wouldn’t call myself an addict, but I do love being able to share in a completely different way than usual.

  7. I love pinterest I can pinned websites that I find and find them all in one place and search other people’s pins it’s so addicting!

  8. I live it simply for the recipes!

  9. It’s really fun but I am so bad about wasting too much time on it!

  10. I’ve joined Pinterest but haven’t used it much. I’ve only really used it to look up design ideas for decorating the condo we are trying to buy. I’m glad you posted some explanations, though, because until now I didn’t know what the “Add” button was for and had no idea how new things get pinned on Pinterest or how I would go about adding new things to Pinterest! The only thing I knew how to do before reading this post was how to re-pin something, and even that I’ve only done once or twice! Haha! I’m learning though. I love that you can look up ideas on Pinterest, but I find the whole thing just a tad overwhelming. I won’t just sit and browse Pinterest, I’ll only get on if there is something specific I want help getting ideas on!

  11. I like seeing what my friends and family are trying or thinking about trying (Recipes, projects), but I don’t like it when people pin dozens and dozens of things every day.

  12. I’m an addict. I love being able to pin recipes for homemade household products so they’re all in one location and easy to find! I love being able to pin recipes so I can find that one recipe I saw that one time and wanted to make… and I LOVE the access to tutorials, ideas, concepts and creativeness!

  13. Love pinterest! I get so many cooking ideas from there. But the best part has been the sewing tutorials I can find to make things for my daughter, as well as the ideas to plan her FIRST birthday party next month! S simple and convenient!

  14. i just joined but haven’t gotten addicted yet. I think I just don’t have the hang of it yet. I’m like you and didn’t want to start something new, but it looks like a neat way to keep up with things you find online