Cheap Slide Installation AND Craft Room Must Have

I love that my daughters best friend’s mother and I get along. Even better, she is so very crafty. Every time I am over there I find something else I have to post up. So, here is 2 of the many things that I chose to blog about today!

Take a slide and bolt it onto a board, like you see below

 Set the top at the top of the stair case and let the slide rest on the stairs below
 My little girls best friend at the end of the slide after sliding down.
 Since the slide is only bolted to the board and not the deck or staircase, it moves easily. I had to move it to the side that didn’t have railing so my 21 month old could safely climb the stairs and slide.
What a very inexpensive way to add a slide to your yard! What kid wouldn’t love it?
NEXT! For the crafty mamas room.

My friend has a smaller space for her craft room, *I will post about the “room” later* To decrease on clutter and to get organised she bought this inexpensive spice rack and turned into a craft room MUST HAVE!
 She filled each spice bottle with different craft things, buttons
 googly eyes
 Now, at just an arms reach, and very easy to find because it turns on the spice rack, she has all of her craft must haves.
Isn’t that adorable?? 
What are some of your creative ideas??