Home Protection

Protecting my girls is the most important thing to me. When I had my first daughter, I bought all of the plug in protectors, locks for all doors, baby gates, monitors but never thought about protecting my home! When I did a search online to research the best way to keep safe, I came across http://www.homesecurityfamily.com/. Wow, that was the one thing I didn’t think of. How could my girls be truly safe without a security system for my home? My most valuable possessions (aside from my girls) are their photos, baby books, foot prints. The last thing I need in my life is to not be fully protected to keep my entire family and things safe.

What are you doing to keep your family safe?



  1. My wife and I worry about home security too. (Especially when our neighborhood had some reported break-ins this year.) We can’t afford a several hundred (or thousand!) dollar security system, so I did some looking around for options. I found a pack of 5 “Protected by Electronic Alarm” stickers for a few bucks that you place on windows and doors to deter intruders and a SUPER LOUD battery-powered alarm with a keypad to enter a code to turn it on or off. It installs in just a few mniutes on any doorway and it only costs about $15! (Both can be found at a hardware store)
    Turning it on at night gives me peace of mind that if someone were to break into the house while we’re sleeping, I would know!