Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Spring Day

After we moved a couple of years ago and had to put some things in storage, my now 6 year old’s bike was stolen from the unit. So, FINALLY, I was able to get her a new Princess Bike. Luckily, ToysRUs has a great deal on them for only $59.99 for a Huffy Princess Bike. 
We played outside waiting for sister to get off the bus, to surprise her with her new bike.

I was able to leave my youngest with my mother and take her around the block. She loves her bike. Now we need to get a helmet.



  1. I work with Headstrong for Jake a helmet and bike safety program here in KC. On May 5th (a week from Saturday) there is an event at Prairie Elementary 6624 Mission Road Prairie Village, KS where she can learn bike safety and get a free, fitted helmet.:-) http://www.headstrongforjake.org has more info if you’re interested

  2. I love that bike!!!!

    Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

  3. What an adorable bike! I bet she was pleasantly surprised! I can’t wait until my little girl is old enough for her own big girl bike!

  4. I bet she was ecstatic! I’m sorry her bike was stolen. I can only imagine how she felt. I know my daughter would have been really sad. Glad she’s got a new one to enjoy.

    Happy belated WW from Jordyn @ The Green House!


  5. Gorgeous curls! OMG! I wish my kids would have curly hair like that. <3

  6. I love the spring! It is such a great time of the year! The girls look like they are having fun!!

  7. Wow!! This post brings back memories of learning how to ride a bike. I had a pink bike with training wheels.

  8. Your daughters have BEAUTIFUL hair!! LOVE the curls!

  9. That bike is so cute! Some of the best memories I have from when I was a kid was riding my bike, especially during the summer. I hope she has as much fun as I did.

    Jennifer Hedden

  10. That is really a sweet ride!!

  11. wow your daughter has gorgeous hair! I hope my baby has hair like that!:)

  12. Wow those curls are to die for! I can’t believe someone stole her bike… some people are such asses.. glad this is a happy ending though!