New Years Resolutions for 2014 – Vision Board –

I generally post my Vision Board up before New Years Eve but I am a little late in posting and that is okay, as long as I get one up. Last year a couple of the things on my 2013 Vision Board came to fruition so I am a believer. 

After some really scary recent news of my best friends health I will start with the health of my friends and family. I want my 2014 to be full of healthy living.

I want to drop and keep off an addition 20 pounds. I want to tone up my arms, legs and abs.

I want to pass my spring and summer semester at the community college keeping at least a 3.0 GPA.

I want to start my 1st year at the University of my choosing in fall of 2014 and keep my GPA up.

I want to start going to yoga classes and meditation classes.

Through my lessons learned in yoga and meditation I want to learn how to rid myself of negative energy, people included. 

I want to be in a healthy relationship with a super adorable,sexy guy who loves me unconditionally, who treats me with love and respect, who will be a good role model for my children and who will respect them showing them how a good man acts. I want a guy who is fun, funny, caring, emotionally available, who is clean and can dress up and who can be totally romantic but who is not to clingy or sappy. (this one may be a hard one to find but I am SURE he is out there)

I want to work more and have more $$$ (a windfall would be nice too) 

I want a better relationship with my girls. I want them to know each morning, noon and night that I love them more than the world is large and that I live my life trying to give them a better life. 

And just for fun:
I want a beach vacation with clean white soft warm sand, the sound of the ocean and several days of me just being me, enjoying life on the beach.

I want to learn how to make sushi so I can eat it all the time.



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